About T&L @ RPCC

My name is Natalie Reed and I am proud to be an Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning at Regents Park Community College.  Obviously my views are my own and I write about published Academic Research and our school’s exploration and consideration of it as well as bespoke research projects taking place within our school.  I also write about our Teaching & Learning values, ambitions and school ethos and I share the wonderful collaboration and expertise within our setting.

Our school is a vibrant and exciting place to teach and our students are enthusiastic about creative teaching strategies and confident in the value we place on their achievements.

I’d like you to enjoy these pages and get in touch to share, meet, collaborate or debate!

RPCC teachers are:

  • Aware that excellent practice takes practise
  • Unafraid to fail
  • Determined
  • Creative

RPCC students are:

  • Inquisitive
  • Independent
  • Focused
  • Resilient

RPCC Student Voice is at the heart of all that the Teaching & Learning team is striving to achieve on the journey to enhancing student learning experiences at Regents Park Community College.  Our students are dynamic, voracious and pragmatic in their responses. We pride ourselves on collecting student feedback from a range of abilities and year groups spanning across the college community.  Our students are confident and progressive-thinking individuals who value the experience of being able to offer insightful and valid contributions to the Teaching & Learning Team’s work at Regents Park Community College.  Student Voice collection takes the following forms:

  • Weekly Magic Moment collection
  • Internal Inquiry Report collection
  • Innovative Teaching Week collection
  • Half-Termly Curriculum Area collection
GCSE Art Photography: Lucy Ereaut
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