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21st January 2020:Pixl-logo

PiXL Secondary Meeting

We spent an amazing day in London today and were treated to a wealth of inspiring and motivating speakers from the educational community.   It’s always so uplifting to be surrounded by fellow practitioners all invested and committed to the same thing – the children we teach.


A particular highlight was the Keynote speaker – Baroness Floella Benjamin taking me right back to my Playschool days!  (Mine was the round window – always!)

Now the challenge begins as we decide which initiatives best fit our setting and how we are going to deliver them…exciting!

Key texts that we will be investing in (taken from two of today’s recommendations): ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear and ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink will be available in our T&L library any day now so watch this space…

29th January 2020:

Peps Mccrea added to the T&L library at RPCC  peps

We’ve been discussing Peps this week…what’s been most fascinating is the range of conclusions drawn from the same text.  This text has generated some excellent discussions across the school and Ms Ruberry will be delivering her summary in the Maths Curriculum Briefing this week – see some of her slides on the Academic Research page.



3rd February 2020:

‘I Go Quiet’ – David Quimet.  I explore student Wellbeing with Year 8…watch this space…


6th February 2020:

Spaced retrieval 2Spaced retrieval 1

Spaced Retrieval:  RPCC NQTs (Miss Birch, Miss Harrison, Miss Matthews and Miss Gale) are embarking on their first RPCC Action Research Project!  Inspired by the training at their NQT conference at Bitterne Park School they have returned with a plan…and it’s a great plan!  Their hypothesis will focus on Year 9 & 10 students and following a collaborative approach across curriculums they plan to utilise high and low stakes testing to underpin Spaced Retrieval research – we look forward to sharing their findings.

20th March 2020:

In response to our guest Blogger (Mrs Griffiths’) post:  ‘Curiosity and Coronavirus’ teachers at RPCC have today been discussing Curriculum Road Maps and by some wonderful symmetry when one teacher ‘grasses’ another…we have discovered these gems produced by Mrs Blake for History and Geography!  Mrs Blake had already produced these and plans to display them in her teams’ classrooms as well as producing A5 copies for the students – what a clear and transparent plan for everyone to work towards and contribute to:

Road map                            Road map Geog.

2nd April 2020

Year 11 2020 Preparation for College

We’re staying in touch with our Year 11s and encouraging them to give their brains some exercise in preparation for college.

“Have a look at the document below and try this to keep your brains in learning-mode between now and college! You can let us see how you’re doing and what you have completed by using Google Classroom (code: p7rpldj) to complete these tasks. We will monitor this class so if you have any questions about any of the slides, just ask!”

Take care Year 11.


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6th April 2020

“This Much I know about love over fear” John Tomsett

This week I delivered our first T&L Briefing-by-video-link and spoke about John Tomsett’s brilliant book!  It was a nerve-wracking and strange experience but hopefully I communicated the excellent insights from this useful book.  I’m comforted by Tomsett’s calm and fairly traditional chapter summaries of life in a classroom for a teacher in the 21st Century.  For our T&L Briefing I focused on his chapter: ‘Teaching Tricky Lads’ which is relatable and thought-provoking:

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T&L Briefing Video Link 1:  https://www.loom.com/share/8dc69e85f7414d908c965b9f213d7030 

7th April 2020 – Toxic Masculinity:

Our discussions about Toxic Masculinity in our school have continued since I presented Tomsett’s research and Miss G Donovan shared this amazing lesson resource which is circulating amongst RPCC teachers now.  I’ve asked teachers to think about the specific ways we are supporting BOYS through Google Classroom assignments and feedback in this time of enforced remote-learning:

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20th April 2020 LOOM!

We’re all having a go at trying to engage our students with interactive lessons and LOOM is proving very popular!  It’s quick and easy to use and is a really effective way of bringing resources and Power Points alive for our students…want to hear one of our fabulous English teachers talking to her students about close text analysis..?

Exploding a quote

13th April 2020

“Teach Like Nobody’s Watching” Mark Enser

This week I delivered our remote T&L Briefing-by-video-link again and spoke about Mark Enser’s insightful book!  It was a less nervy ‘performance’ this time – well, I thought it was!  RPCC teachers may tell you otherwise!  What I love most about this text is the no-nonsense approach to reminding teachers why they teach and to rely on their instincts in the classroom – knowing our students as individuals should be at the centre of what we do and we should teach them well not just when someone with a tick-sheet is watching!

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T&L Briefing Video Link 2: https://www.loom.com/share/3a90d57b877a4594be26497e2c9d178c

29th April 2020

‘A Quiet Education’ Jamie Thom

This week’s T&L Briefing (sent to teachers via a Loom link) was surprisingly powerful.  Not simply because I found the subject of my presentation emotionally engaging but also because it has prompted such amazing pedagogical discussions amongst the teachers at RPCC this week!  We have been learning whether we are introvert or extrovert personalities and what this means for our Practice.  Everyone’s been really happy to share the results of their Myers-Briggs personality type test and I will expand on what I have learned in my next BLOG – watch this space (well, not this space but the BLOG page on this website!):

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T&L Briefing Video Link 3: https://www.loom.com/share/61ac77705c464c388878003f0bb031aa

4th May 2020:  CPD

CPD at RPCC is impressive!  There are lots of new distance-study-buddies amongst us and the reading lists are impressive!  Here’s one teacher getting ready for an afternoon of studying!  CPD

Other texts that are being shared include:

  • Jamie Thom ‘A Quiet Education’
  • Mark Enser ‘Teach Like Nobody’s Watching’
  • Kat Howard ‘Stop Talking About Wellbeing’
  • Michael Chiles ‘The Craft of Education’
  • Ross McGill ‘Mark.Plan.Teach’
  • John Tomsett ‘This Much I know about Love…’

6th May 2020:

This week’s T&L Briefing (sent to teachers via a Loom link) features a clip of an insightful presentation by an American Educationalist in which he uses the analogy of poker chips to explore the ways that schools can build student resilience.  It’s provoked some interesting discussion about the way we celebrate achievement at RPCC…watch this space…

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T&L Briefing Video Link 4:https://www.loom.com/share/579273f83fef47029846fa10466a8536

7th May 2020

Not Zoom…but LOOM!  More of our intrepid remote-learning-explorers are sending out Loom videos on Google Classroom and we are seeing greater engagement from our students who are obviously enjoying seeing their teachers’ faces in the little round window!

loom 3

13th May 2020:

This week’s T&L Briefing (sent to teachers via a Loom link) explores my reflections on Ross McGill’s book: Mark.Plan.Teach.  We have explored this book and its practical advice that is both realistic and powerful and set about the task of deciding what our school priorities are.  This is thought provoking and sensible content much needed in these unchartered times.  Lots of RPCC teachers are currently reading it so if you have some time, have a look:

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T&L Briefing Video Link: https://www.loom.com/share/6e83a772691745a29f95ff8e6e79d5b2

18th May 2020:

Monday morning SEND Briefings now include some T&L input linked to individual CPD and academic research to connect SEND strategies:

SEN Briefing

20th May 2020:

CHALLENGE!  Mr Lucas is challenging his Year 10 English class each week using a LOOM video to motivate and inspire them!  The first week’s challenge is to memorise the Prologue to Romeo & Juliet and send back a video of their ‘performance’!  We wonder if the vision of Mr Lucas’ face will mean that they will be motivated to complete the challenge!  Let’s see:

Loom AL1https://www.loom.com/share/47546549c5fb4f659027eeab2e592538

20th May 2020

The EEF guidance for students’ self regulation is proving invaluable for RPCC teachers as we continue to support Home Learning in innovative and efficient ways:


20th May 2020

Today’s T&L Briefing showcased 3 Student Voice video interviews.  Collecting Student Voice data is central to the T&L work at RPCC and we have missed it!  For those teachers who have not been in school since the closure it is an opportunity to see some student faces and hear their appreciation for all the work that is going on to support their Home Learning.  Makes us miss them even more though!

3rd June 2020:

This week’s T&L Briefing (sent to teachers via a Loom link) is a selected summary from the very brilliant break-out meeting at PiXL which I was lucky enough to attend earlier this year.  The focus of this training was on the Correct and Perfect strategy and as usual (these days!) I have presented my summary Briefing in video form your reference – see red link below:

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T&L Briefing Video Link: https://www.loom.com/share/2fdd8d52b8e246949cc4f64b89adc8bb

9th June 2020 KS3 Chapter-a-day with the English Team!

Mrs Moth has started something and our students love it!  She is reading a chapter a day (recorded on Loom) and our Year 7s are hooked on The Wizard of Oz while our Year 8s are listening to Treasure Island – today she has managed to persuade a guest reader to read a chapter! Have a listen here:

Loom AL3

10th June 2020:

This week’s T&L Briefing (sent to teachers via a Loom link) is a summary presentation from me on the brilliantly controversial book: ‘Seven Myths About Education’ by Daisy Christodoulou.   I have asked RPCC teachers to reflect on the education myths that they consider as part of their practice:

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T&L Video Link:  https://www.loom.com/share/9bfbfb8012164e808246087fa2d3af5e


17 & 24th June 2020:

There is a T&L Briefing Saga going on!  I have presented Michael Chiles’ amazing book: ‘The CRAFT of Assessment’ in  3 separate episodes (sent to teachers via a Loom link) so that we can all get ready for the finale …the SENACA CRAFT CPD Quiz!  Everyone’s discussing the PowerPoint conundrum…to add images/colour/animations…or not! It will be very interesting to see who does what in September!

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T&L video link: https://www.loom.com/share/e805bfbe96d14e558581b140065cb875

8th July 2020

This week’s T&L Briefing was supported by Tom Sherrington & Oliver Caviliglioni’s fantastic book: ‘Teaching WALKTHRUs’.  Developing a culture of coaching is a real focus for RPCC next year and this book gives excellent food for discussion:

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T&L video link:  https://www.loom.com/share/19e3751231d146b8a198248ba5e7a114


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