Pre-Mortem in a GCSE classroom

  I really like reading Alex Quigley’s words (I can feel my colleagues’ knowing-eye-rolls!).  I have frequently taken opportunities to share his articles and views in our T&L Briefings and Developing Pedagogy meetings and RPCC teachers are an accommodating and patient group so I have been getting away with indulging my loyalty to the authorContinue reading “Pre-Mortem in a GCSE classroom”

‘I sing silence as loud as I can’

The Importance of Student Wellbeing Like many schools we’ve been carefully considering staff wellbeing at RPCC and taking action to ensure that we regularly address it in an open forum. But what about student wellbeing? We have an amazing pastoral team that monitor and support our students though recently I have been considering what canContinue reading “‘I sing silence as loud as I can’”

In pursuit of discomfort…

So, I have been reading a publication called ‘Education in Chemistry’…I know!  This is an unusual venture for me but one of the most brilliant things about teachers at RPCC is their desire to collaborate and also their enthusiasm for academic research… The article that Mr Grainey passed to me is entitled: ‘In pursuit ofContinue reading “In pursuit of discomfort…”

Miss…your clock’s not working…

I know! It isn’t working and whilst it’s been broken I have embarked upon an accidental research project inside my own classroom… Since the batteries of my classroom clock gave up in December (around about the same time that my tired-teacher-batteries were also feeling quite drained!) students in all my classes have been asking aboutContinue reading “Miss…your clock’s not working…”

From Bulletin to Blog!

Since its conception in 2016 we have long debated the value of producing a T&L Bulletin at Regents Park.    The Bulletin has grown substantially over the last 3 academic years fortified by articles and observations volunteered from a wide range of teaching staff at our school – each offering as valuable as the nextContinue reading “From Bulletin to Blog!”