The girl in the short skirt…

The teacher I most remember from school is my French teacher.  He was absolutely terrifying.   His curriculum domain was right at the top of the school…a realm occupied by a triumvirate of the oldest most fearsome teachers we had.  We would never go there unless it was for a lesson or a dare…we were neverContinue reading “The girl in the short skirt…”

Is silence really golden..?

Since schools closed and my working world got much quieter I consider one of the greatest pleasures in my new routine is to listen to music all day.  Although it is a distraction for me…there’s the song-shuffle…the memory-jolts…the inclination to do a little desk-dance! All of this is a head-turn away from work and inContinue reading “Is silence really golden..?”

Introvert teachers in an extrovert world…

Empty vessels make the loudest sound – Plato. I think I am in the wrong job! I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 11 years old and before that I wanted to be an ice-cream lady and drive around in my ice-cream van (actually, I still think that’s a pretty good back-upContinue reading “Introvert teachers in an extrovert world…”

Guest Blogger! K O’Brien: Boys Don’t Try? In-house Research @ RPCC

‘Make sure you include some gruesome content for boys’ is a phrase I have heard a lot over my teaching career, coupled with ‘make it a competition so that the boys will do some writing’. As a young teacher I adhered to this stereotype but did it really work? National statistics show that overall girlsContinue reading “Guest Blogger! K O’Brien: Boys Don’t Try? In-house Research @ RPCC”

Mansplaining and Toxic Masculinity in schools…

I’m in a right mood with Dua Lipa!  There, I’ve said it. I have been a secret fan of her Pop!  Admittedly these days from the safety of inside my house and my kitchen-dance floor…however, things have changed!  Dua Lipa is now marketing herself as a feminist and this is tricky for me to acceptContinue reading “Mansplaining and Toxic Masculinity in schools…”

Guest Blogger! K Griffiths: Curiosity and Coronavirus

So, week one of Coronavirus shutdown arrives.  I go about setting work on Google classroom for all my classes. Check.  Reply to emails.  Check.  Eat lunch (important).  Check.  Finish a project that I had been working on.  Check.  And… now what? As I look ahead at the vast expanse of the week ahead, I feelContinue reading “Guest Blogger! K Griffiths: Curiosity and Coronavirus”

Stop Talking About Wellbeing

I suppose it’s an odd time for this post but I had started…so I’ll finish! Like so many other wonderful plans our recent Professional Development Day was cancelled and as yet not re-scheduled.  The right and sensible thing to do was to stop and re-group to make plans for the situation we all find ourselvesContinue reading “Stop Talking About Wellbeing”

Guest Blogger! Ms T Ruberry: Supporting Independent Learning

Supporting independent learning in the classroom… I have recently started to reflect upon and review how I get students to start a task and then support them with independent learning.  My usual method, up until now, has been to issue instructions, say ‘off you go’ and then charge into their midst (armed with a colouredContinue reading “Guest Blogger! Ms T Ruberry: Supporting Independent Learning”